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About us


InNano emerged from Professor Truls Norby’s research at the University of Oslo looking at utilizing photocatalytic stationary nanostructures in water treatment applications. Stian Hauge, a former student at the University, has collaborated with Professor Norby and also been the CEO of one of his start-up; Nano Rocks, located at Oslo Science Park.

Based on these experiences, Stian introduced nanoparticles as an oil remediation measure in January 2011. The idea was to speed up the degeneration of oil in case of an oil spill accident, by adding nanoparticles with photocatalytic properties into the fuel. Aage Bjørn Andersen joined the project in April 2011 and he immediately saw a potential of introducing self-cleaning properties to the exhaust. On the basis of results from initial development and verification activities, InNano was established.  

Over the years we have built up knowledge and know-how in substrate surface property engineering and advanced industrial coatings for key components used in fluid filtration and flow systems. Our Nanocoating, applied through a low vacuum plasma process, is a single solution to the challenges of corrosion, fouling & clogging, friction and abrasive wear encountered in such systems. The patent-pending plasma process is applicable to all substrates, including plastics

The company is located in Telemark, with operational activities in Oslo and Fagerstrand.