InNano | Surface property engineering

Surface property engineering


Surface chemistry plays an important role in the suitability of a given material to perform as required in any environment. At InNano we have designed tools and processes for engineering the surfaces of steel, titanium, alloys and plastics, especially articles of complex 3D shapes such as screen filters (hollow and microporous cylinder), pipes and valves. The goal is to clean, functionalise (modify) and coat surfaces. In the case of coating application, our nanotreatment involves pre-coating surface preparation in order to enhance coating adhesion. A range of surface properties can be impacted with our nanotreatment: (super)hydrophobicity, super(hydrophilicity), anti-bacterial, anti-fouling & easy-to-clean, low friction (e.g reduced hydrodynamic drag), etc.


Our surface engineering thus includes solutions for:

  • Fouling prevention
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Icing prevention
  • Drag/friction reduction


We have carried out a number of tests and are still looking for partners and industries with the above mentioned challenges. A field test carried out with a major oil&gas company showed the potential of our surface treatment to increase by 5 times and more the lifetime of critical components exposed to environments where fouling by organic and inorganic matters is an ever present headache.